African Lion vs. Marshosaurus bicentesimus


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denis: Exactly Dec 5, 2019 15:54:34 GMT 5
crocuta rufus: not sure if its correct, but sharks only take weakened bulls since bulls have a lot of meat in them but they could easily turn around and bite the shark which results in dead shark since the shark can't hunt anymore Dec 5, 2019 7:06:52 GMT 5
denis: I don’t know if it was the bulls. But judging by the lack of information, I doubt it’s a bull elephant seal. Dec 5, 2019 6:25:49 GMT 5
dinosauria101: IIRC, they do so from time to time Dec 5, 2019 4:00:08 GMT 5
crocuta rufus: .i thought great white sharks don't take elephant seal bulls, not too sure on that, would love for you to educate me. Dec 5, 2019 3:28:59 GMT 5
dinosauria101: Maybe that's why it was unharmed Dec 3, 2019 21:51:23 GMT 5
dinosauria101: And sea lions can EVADE sharks Dec 3, 2019 21:51:15 GMT 5
dinosauria101: Look here: Dec 3, 2019 21:51:06 GMT 5 *
denis: Source Dec 3, 2019 21:46:04 GMT 5
denis: And since it’s the northern species, they are about the size of the largest Great White Sharks. Also there was a sea lion that swam with three large Great White Sharks, they did nothing to the deal. Dec 3, 2019 21:34:38 GMT 5
dinosauria101: There is an account of a tiger shark flesh-grazing a BLUE WHALE Dec 3, 2019 21:31:36 GMT 5
dinosauria101: Not only that Dec 3, 2019 21:31:24 GMT 5
denis: I know that, but it’s likely they never went for the largest ones. I think it was around 2,000-4,000 pounds. Dec 3, 2019 21:21:20 GMT 5
Life: Open a thread in General Discussion section, and I will address your points in there. Dec 3, 2019 21:19:36 GMT 5
dinosauria101: I'll make something with Temnodontosaurus, or you can if you'd like. Shastasaurus doesn't have efficent weapons for similar size animals, only MUCH,,MUCH smaller Dec 3, 2019 21:12:30 GMT 5 *
dinosauria101: MOST predators prey on smaller animals - but GWS have been known to kill adult elephant seals several times the mass Dec 3, 2019 21:12:00 GMT 5
denis: Should I continue or no? Dec 3, 2019 21:09:38 GMT 5
denis: Also another good example is Great White Sharks again, even though they are bigger than most dolphins, they only prey on dolphins half their size. Dec 3, 2019 21:09:20 GMT 5
denis: That’s why a Megalodon would lose most of the time. A healthy adult Shastasaurus is larger than the largest Megalodon. It would be too much to take on. Dec 3, 2019 21:08:35 GMT 5
dinosauria101: And most predators always go for sick/weak targets Dec 3, 2019 21:07:18 GMT 5