Hypothetical versus scenarios

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Hypothetical versus scenarios
This section is for AVA scenarios featuring animals which have not co-existed in an era.
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The Chatting Zone
Infinity Blade: Tbh this is my first time hearing of snapping turtle hybrids, and a lot of what I found on the Internet is limited to social media and YouTube. Jun 8, 2024 9:01:41 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Also found some info on alligator skin according to one source, an alligator osteoderm was 15mm thick. The size of the animal wasn;t mentioned. Sun, C.-Y., & Chen, P.-Y. (2013). Structural design and mechanical behavior of alligator Jun 8, 2024 8:27:58 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Are hybrid snapping turtles legit? I thought they were in different genus but Clint from clint's reptile who has a PHD in zoology once stated he thinks they exist in one of his videos? Jun 8, 2024 8:21:22 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: As for the crocodilian skin thickness question, the most I found so far was a study analyzing three small saltie individuals (the biggest one was 1.93 m). It's called "Histological determination of skin thickness in farmed Australian Crocodylus porosus". Jun 7, 2024 7:20:33 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: I think that's possible. According to Mark Witton, prey animals have been recorded trying to escape predators by going into water, but it often fails. We're not sure why they do this. Jun 7, 2024 7:18:54 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Do you think some theropods would have opportunistically attacked sauropods while they were swimming and their necks easier to reach or is that idea too farfetched to be common? Jun 7, 2024 7:01:00 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Anyone know how thick a large alligator/crocodiles skin is? Despite how common alligator leather is, couldn't find much. A lot of sites say its only a little more than 1 mm thick but I think that was belly skin and I don't know how large the animals were. Jun 5, 2024 22:59:06 GMT 5
Supercommunist: I figured that was the case but every once in awhile you come across a weird animal that breaks the normal rules. Jun 4, 2024 22:10:29 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: Isn't the primary point of scales to prevent moisture loss? I feel like they'd be antithetical to permitting sweating. Jun 4, 2024 16:08:15 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Would it be possible for a scaled animal to develop sweat glands or does that require mammalian like skin? Jun 4, 2024 7:10:13 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Anyone feel that the vulture's ability to consume rotten flesh is overrated? I honestly haven't seen many videos of them eating heavily decayed meat. May 31, 2024 12:29:13 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: Antediluvian Salad is inactive. But I've seen Duane Nash commenting in random places here and there. Most recently I saw him comment on a Tet Zoo blog post. May 20, 2024 21:35:06 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Does this guy still write blogs? antediluviansalad.blogspot.com/ May 19, 2024 6:29:26 GMT 5
Supercommunist: But I assume that in practice it doesn't happen because most other animals don't have jaws nearly as long and can't be grabbed as easily. May 3, 2024 5:16:50 GMT 5
Supercommunist: It's common knowledge that the opening jaw muscles of crocodiles and alligators are weak. But does anyone know if other animals could have their jaws held shut by tape/a human grip/ I suspect other animals also have weak opening jaw muscles. May 3, 2024 5:16:17 GMT 5
Supercommunist: The claims aren't crazy but I just find it a bit annoying how some of the most popular animal youtubers tend to have a pretty medicore grasp of the subject. Mar 29, 2024 10:39:45 GMT 5
tyrannasorus: Tbh it’s nothing crazy coming from him Mar 29, 2024 9:57:13 GMT 5
Supercommunist: He also claimed that corvids cannot reliably kill anything larger than an insect. Mar 29, 2024 1:42:13 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Tier zoo repeated the myth that birds have weaker, hollow bones in their most recent video. Mar 29, 2024 1:39:49 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Anyone know any accounts or rabbits straight up killing stoats/weasels? Also, any accounts of stoats attacking and killing hares? Feb 7, 2024 3:48:35 GMT 5
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