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Creodont: I think it really boils down to physics and then the bull’s surprisingly cursorial musculature. I also think larger animals than that don’t really have the need to jump May 29, 2023 0:55:15 GMT 5
Supercommunist: The weird thing about bulls though is they aren't just barely able to jump. They are able to leap 6 or 7 feet high so theoretically there should be a significantly larger animal capable of jumping. May 29, 2023 0:43:38 GMT 5
Creodont: Wanted to add that while rhinos and hippos can’t technically “jump”, they can have all four feet off the ground while running. Elephants, of course, cannot. *Eland (bovines), which can grow quite large, can also jump fairly high. May 27, 2023 22:42:23 GMT 5 *
Infinity Blade: The largest animals I know of that can jump are large bovines (like a Spanish bull, maybe even a bison). Nothing above that size jumps. May 27, 2023 19:57:10 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Any idea how heavy an animal can get before jumping becomes impossible? May 27, 2023 9:28:16 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: Could be worse, I suppose. Like Snoop Dogg rage-quitting a livestream and leaving it on overnight for 8+ hours, only to realize it the next morning. May 20, 2023 18:19:57 GMT 5
Creodont: You know that feeling when you forget to log out for an extended period of time? May 20, 2023 6:42:00 GMT 5
Creodont: Thank you! May 12, 2023 21:07:50 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: Happy birthday May 12, 2023 19:53:28 GMT 5
Creodont: So, today’s my birthday May 12, 2023 16:44:31 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: 17 right this morning. Jesus this thing has no life... Apr 25, 2023 18:28:36 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: I just got four consecutive password recovery emails from Proboards two within 11:58 PM and the other two within 11:59 PM. I really live rent free in this pussy-ass master's head lmao. Apr 25, 2023 9:09:31 GMT 5
sharkboy101: Damn, what a crackhead, it honestly sucks knowing that someone just wants to ruin other people’s lives and that the only way this guy can find peace is by torturing others. Dude needs to get a life outside of his mamas dark basement. Apr 25, 2023 3:33:44 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: Mind you, I'm not the only person he's ever done this to. He's been some or all of these things to other people at the same time. He's STILL trying to reset my Proboards password. Apr 25, 2023 0:55:33 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: ie. he went out of his way to search for every single website I have a presence on & found my real name and picture. He then spammed the same flame copypasta to me on those sites, impersonated me, and tried to reset my password on them. Apr 25, 2023 0:54:40 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: A guy joined this forum, he was arguing on another forum and found out I called him an idiot on Discord, so he responded in the most civilized and rational way possible. Apr 25, 2023 0:52:45 GMT 5
sharkboy101: Wow I’ve been gone for quite sometime and some sh*t just went down, does anybody mind storytime? Apr 25, 2023 0:07:53 GMT 5
jhg: The only Nobody I know is a nickname and Odysseus has it. Apr 22, 2023 7:24:01 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: More like a nobody you don’t know ;) Apr 21, 2023 17:30:44 GMT 5
jhg: What's this about? Someone I don't know? Apr 21, 2023 9:56:09 GMT 5
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