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Tetanuran: Plot summary is now up! Mar 26, 2023 8:49:58 GMT 5
Tetanuran: I’ll post a review of BBC’s “Ocean Odyssey” over the weekend Mar 25, 2023 0:37:07 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Thanks. Mar 13, 2023 20:18:54 GMT 5
Life: I will let you know if I find something in relation. Mar 13, 2023 3:13:08 GMT 5 *
Supercommunist: Any guess on how thick deinosuchus/Purussaurus skin would have been? Mar 12, 2023 8:27:47 GMT 5
tyrannasorus: Hello Mar 7, 2023 16:43:59 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: Lord Almighty please let this new member not be another one of Hammerhead's alts Mar 7, 2023 11:36:41 GMT 5
Supercommunist: Thanks! Mar 7, 2023 7:19:33 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: Idfk with this guy, honestly. Mar 7, 2023 6:46:35 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: Brachiosuchus. Mar 7, 2023 6:46:16 GMT 5
Supercommunist: What's the name of that species of semi-aquatic crocodylomorph with the unusually long forelegs? Also lol at the previous messages. Mar 7, 2023 6:06:24 GMT 5 *
Infinity Blade: See, you just proved my point. If you can't be bothered to touch grass, eat ten dicks you terminally online anthropoid smegma stain. Mar 7, 2023 2:10:55 GMT 5
titanis: account. I hope that is okay. Mar 6, 2023 22:21:24 GMT 5
titanis: I am . I can't log into my old account. I've been trying for hours but it doesn't work. It keeps saying the username and password don't match, although I enter it correctly. I don't know what happened to it. This is why I created a new Mar 6, 2023 22:21:07 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: I do, however, know that you've spent tons of time profusely apologizing and sweet-talking to Taipan just to get back on Carnivora forum, only to insult him when he didn't. You're not sorry for anything. Mar 4, 2023 3:18:03 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: DM me twice. Pardon me, Hammerhead, if I don't buy your story about why you did it. Mar 4, 2023 3:14:05 GMT 5
Infinity Blade: I don't know how Hammerhead knows things I said on Discord (that I don't even remember) considering I don't think I even share any servers with him. Not to mention Hammerhead went on his Twitter rampage several tens of minutes before he went to my Quora to Mar 4, 2023 3:13:42 GMT 5
Sopi Lote: I’d like to apologize to for my insults to him on his Twitter and Quora yesterday. I’m sorry about that. I only did it because he called me an idiot on Discord. Then I sent it to a bunch of people who had absolutely nothing to do with it. Mar 3, 2023 20:42:23 GMT 5 *
Deleted: A while back you asked about fish intelligence. One example that has come to mind is Queensland groupers learning to take fish off of anglers’ lines. Actually, some sharks do the same. I think that learned behavior suggests intelligence. Feb 28, 2023 8:09:06 GMT 5
Deleted: Infinity Blade, you can take it from here. Thanks in advance and sorry for the trouble! Feb 27, 2023 5:47:44 GMT 5
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